Reliability of permanent Employees, with flexibility of Contractors

IMBARK Engineering Support
Imbark Engineering

Project risks

Imbark Engineering

Low team-morale

Imbark Engineering

Reduced productivity


Imbark team work

Ease team pressure

Eliminate project risks


Imbark peace of mind

Peace of mind

Boost team-morale

Imbark flexible resourcing

Flexible Resourcing

Increased team capacity

IMBARK Staisfaction Gurantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

Goals oriented: We work diligently towards the common goals set by our Client.

Reliability: The allocated resources will always be there to support you as agreed.

Due Diligence:  Work is reviewed thoroughly to ensure it meets the set requirement.

Right First Time Approach:  We work efficiently & with care for timely completion.

Re-usability:  Our stringent design processe ensures consistent quality every-time.

Imbark understanding your needs

Understanding your needs

  • Task requirements

  • Business needs


Imbark work cmpletion


  • Resource allocation

  • Work completion

Imbark timesheet submission

Timesheet submission

  • Hourly breakdown

  • Billable hours


"As a result of growing business demand, we decided to use Imbark's services to manage our workload better. They have been very good at understanding our needs & delivering on time."

Eng Mgr - Team size 8

"Imbark demonstrate excellent level of professionalism and makes it very easy to work together as a team, enabling us to reduce our fixed overhead costs immensely."

Technical Director - Company Size 55

"Myself & my colleagues were able to delegate big chunk of our CAD work which allowed us more time to focus more on engineering new products."

Senior Engineer - Team size 17

Confidentiality Statement: To protect our Client's interest we are unable to disclose any direct personal or business related details, unless so required by law.